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Grow healthy.

Children’s supplements just got a whole lot simpler.

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No artificial flavours

Gluten Free

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Children’s Supplements. Grown Up.

At The Kids Vitamin Doctor, we believe in the science behind nutrition!  All of our supplements are formulated by a doctor and contain the optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals for growing kids. Supplements shouldn’t be confusing, so we simplified our products with age-appropriate sprays and gummies. Our tasty formulations are all low in sugar with no artificial flavours!

Created by Dr. Mom

The Kids Vitamin Doctor was founded in 2023 by Dr. Caroline Barclay, a family doctor who works and resides in beautiful Vancouver, BC. After becoming a mom, Caroline found children’s supplements hard to navigate, even as an MD! As part of her ongoing mission to support family health, she designed a line of age-appropriate children’s supplements. Precisely calculated to meet daily nutritional requirements, our safe, no-choke sprays and low in sugar gummies are easy for parents to give and children to take—because staying healthy shouldn’t be hard.

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